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SEO Guide part 1: The 5 parts to a comprehensive SEO Starter Kit

Were do I start as a newbie to SEO? 
Many newcomers to this topic will no doubt be experiencing information overload??!! Why is there so much information on the Internet about SEO?

It’s there due to the fact that if you want to rank in Google you will need SEO and because it’s Google, there is tons of content that is written on by hundreds, sorry thousands of people with years if experience and skills in making websites rank better.

But were do I start? what is information is really needed for me to learn? OK, so we have complied go to list of really useful and informative people that know the internet inside and out.

The question is, where do you even start when consuming this content?

Digesting the Basics

After a few hours of watching these videos, reading the articles and hands on testing your new skills, you can learn the basics and fundamentals of how SEO works and how search engines work, and it will help you see the varying aspects and parts of what you need to do:

    1- How Search Engines Work - Watch a 3 minute video the infamous Matthew "Matt" Cutts; an American software engineer and boss of the web spam team at Google. Watch how Google delivers search engine results to users

    2- The Beginner's Guide To SEO - New to SEO? Need to polish up your knowledge? three million readers have read this and it is very informative and useful

  3- Search Engine Book - Best read after going over the The Beginner's Guide To SEO above

   4- Google Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide - This  document  first  began  as  an  effort  to  help  teams  within  Google, but  we  thought  it'd  be  just  it’s really useful  to  webmasters  that  are  new  to the  topic  of  search  engine  optimisation  

5- Getting the Basics of #SEO under your belt- An overview on managing your SEO

Stay informed, our series will have the SEO Guide part 2 out shortly.

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