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5 ways to Optimise your website- Quick tips

When editing or creating a new page or blog ensure good standards and do you research for the best page setup and for a good SEO foundation.

There is no point in creating a page that is not structured properly, when it takes a short time to get it right, you should do it right.

SEO relies on technical aspects for a solid on-page set up, here are 5 tips to get you started.

1. Headings & Content- Don't feel the need to over kill the keywords. Use only 2 or 3 times in the content is enough. Once in the heading only though.

Typically use this guide for content headings:

H1 Main Keyword
H2 Feature of that keyword
H3 Benefits to the customers
H4 Expand on more Benefits

2. Content Quality- ensure content is written to your audience and includes the keywords, but not over used.

3. Page title- Keywords go in the Title; but make it appealing, make it topic relevant and check it makes sense

4. URL's- Use keywords that are unique for the page, avoid duplicate words, keep it short.

5. Description- This is what appears in Google search- again make it relevant and as you only get one chance with each visitor make it different to the rest.

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