SeeROC CMS - Content Management Software

Every beautiful website we create and develop is powered by SeeROC™ CMS, our in-house, highly functional Web Content Management Software system. 

All fully hosted for you in our secure data centres, for maximum Performance, Reliability and Security and peace of mind.

What is a Content Management System or CMS

A Content Management System or CMS Softaware, is software that allows you to edit your website, anytime on a tablet or laptop with very little training. 

It is very easy to learn and a joy to use. 

It includes lots of easy to use familiar Microsoft Style tools for managing your website, like adding new images to your gallery takes a few seconds, and publishing a news or blog article or creating a new page is  simple and fast. Book a demo by calling 01384 931011

What other CMS systems do you provide?

We can host and manage your WordPress site for you and we do work with lots of software vendors and Open Source ECMS vendors and can provide Membership systems, full marketing suites including inbound and outbound marketing solutions. 

We always keep track of the latest products and new technologies from Gartner and Forester insights.

For a FREE demo of the software get in touch with Nik on 01384 931011 or fill in the form below

What about Training and Support to edit my website?
That is all Included.

And after only a short 20-30 minute personalised training session, you will be ready to edit your new site; and to help you after that we also provide full support and aftercare. 

SeeROC Aftercare and Support Packages include:

  • Support on the telephone during office hours and 24/7 support by email
  • Access to the SeeROC CMS User Support Portal for all editors. The Portal contains step by step user guides, videos and instructions on everything from adding a link to another page, how to add new images to the gallery- complete website management. 
  • Optional courses for advanced editors and designers are also available
  • And a dedicated Account Manager will also be on hand for your support when you need us

For a FREE demo of the software get in touch with Nik on 01384 931011 or fill in the form below

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