Pay per click or organic SEO

Pay per click or organic SEO

How do I get to the top of Google today?

I get asked almost daily that very question, how do I get my website to the top of Google? 

Route one - Pay to appear or Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
In short the answer is to pay to appear in Google Ad words. 

See Adwords Section

Adwords can give instant results but, and it is a but. Would you rather have have instant enquiries but at a cost that can be tens of thousands per year, and stops when you stop paying, or there is the long term, natural and sustainable way, below. That will be less investment and works after your stop?  

Route two - Organic Listings or Natural SEO
The other solution is to go for an SEO Based approach or Organic Search as it is known. This approach will involve online aspects and offline marketing to drive traffic to the site and is not a quick fix or instant. But it will have success in the first few months in both Google search and the other main search engines too.

We also can get your business into the Google local top three (the snippet under the Google Adverts, the map you see first with three listings in) and Google local my business maps (the map section has the Top 100 maps in).

Organic SEO can work hand in hand with your Google or Facebook adverts and prices start from £500 for our one-off SEO package.

I have 15 years experience of SEO and PPC research, client and project management and implementation of some great campaigns for some awesome clients, and you can rest assured that I will produce results. Great results. Leads and new customers within the first few months.

UPDATED MARCH 2016-  read an update on How to get higher in Google

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