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Search Engine Marketing will boost your Business for less than advertising in the local or regional newspapers

SEO and Search Engine Marketing Boosts your online ranking for more business and it costs less than traditional advertising.

When comparing the best marketing to return a good investment for your company if you think that your company can afford to forget or skip completely a quality online marketing plan? Then think again. 

SEO or Search engine optimisation is one of the best and most cost effective forms of advertising nowadays and will produce for you great returns on investment or ROI. 

SEO, while not always the least expensive type of marketing that you can use with success, it is very often the marketing the works with a great success. The result is a much lower cost per conversion. The benefit to you is an exceptionally high ROI as these new visitors are actively looking for your services, your products and will engage and return to become new and repeat customers.

In 2016 web marketing has so many reasons why you should bin the traditional advertising, why? Keep reading below for really good reasons to make you see the value of online marketing and SEO.

1. Multiple Key Touch points

The number of online devices and gadgets which permit us to get online to the Internet is developing at a fast pace. Most days I have two Macbooks, a tablet, two mobile phones, and an ipod, all of which give me quick, reliable internet access. Almost all around you, in the shop, the office, the park, everywhere you turn people all around you are online, texting, facebook, watching TV, browsing websites. Gone are the days when you sat at home with your huge PC's with your dial up modem; welcome the new age. The beauty of online marketing is that it goes wherever the consumer goes unlike traditional modes of advertisement. When compared with smartphones, ipads, laptops, mobile devices, the print newspapers can be a pain to people who are very busy and continually on the go.

2. Reach out. Get seen. Wooah over here!

People can access you anywhere. By using SEO for online marketing of your products, services and your business, you can reach a regional, nation-wide or global web audience and visitor. 24/7. The issue with traditional paper advertising campaigns such as newspapers, local magazines etc, is that your company and your brands reach is limited to local people; added in with a serious decline in the number of papers circulation especially local newspapers and the size of the papers, then your audience is shrinking and how will you know the success of your advertisement. With digital online marketing you are able to target your market specifically, tailor your pitch, set your stall at your target consumer base.

3. Test. Measure and Refine. Then Repeat..

All of our digital marketing is highly measurable. Search engine optimisation (SEO) can be measured with high accuracy, tweaked to suit an ever changing digital market and will release your companies potential. SEO can be measured with Google tools and analytics and can be looked at in four key ways: first is indexing, then backlinks, followed by (PR) rankings, and finally visitors/traffic/how busy you are. Indexing is defined as, does Google display my website listed for the keywords I am paying for; backlinks affect the position of which your website appears on search engines when certain words or phrases are used by visitors to Google or Bing, and visitors/traffic will be recorded each and every time you get a visitor to your site, showing the visitors location, the keyword searches they used and what pages they looked at..and a lot more to boot. 

I provide Search Engine Optimisation that will achieve amazing, consistent, high search engine rankings for your website and a complete online marketing package to get your website higher up the search engines

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Get higher for lower. What will Search Engine Optimisation do for my website

- Increase your page rank with Google. Give you more credibility and higher search listings

 - It will cost you lower than advertising in magazines or newspapers, with better results. Much better.

 - It will increase your enquiries and leads, from the right people who are looking for you.

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If you found our website via the Search Engines, then that should give you a warm feeling that we are established online search professionals, and our proven Google friendly SEO and digital marketing on the internet really works. With our knowledge, tools and skills your business can also achieve good results and be on the first page of Google and Bing search engines.

Don't be put off by SEO from either a bad experience you have had, or what sounded like a bargain but had no affect, it really works, but good SEO starts with a professional like us, the right approach, skills and knowledge and it takes time. 

Instant SEO is not good for your business; but you can sleep in the fact that we only provide real SEO that works. You will start to see results in the first few months from our work, then we will build more depth to your website with great content.

We also ensure that you appear on high on the Google Maps and also Bing maps, for the search terms that people are using each day to bring in new enquiries to you via your website. We have over three decades of experience of helping companies like yours.


 "70% of users... ...actually go on to make contact with a company they find listed on a search engine"

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