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SEO Checklist for improving Local SEO


Improving your SEO for more Local business is not easy, but can be very rewarding so we have put together a checklist. You may be also looking for national search results and for both local and national you will need a good, solid SEO plan to get ranked and for people to find your website in the search engine results.

Local SEO Optimisation

The basis for successful local SEO starts with understanding and getting your NAP ( NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone number) information including industry categories and related keywords) exactly the same everywhere it is posted, for Google and Yahoo to rank you. 

First - To start your Google My Business listing start with the Google My Business page and create your listing

Use the Business Types infographic below to follow and comply with Google's guidelines and help direct your business's SEO plans

Local SEO business types

local seo inbound marketing
Most inconsistencies with this NAP information happen because of not understanding that it needs to have synergy, and match. 

I cant stress enough how this information needs to be matching everywhere so make sure you get it right, or if not go back and amend it to match what Google My Business /Maps displays.

Let’s look deeper at NAP with our checklist of where to start. If you are a Business dealing with local customers then you should be getting local business from Google.

This is our SEO Checklist if you have one business address/location where you work from. This may be an office, a unit or from home.

On-Site SEO Setup:

Show your address and opening hours and make sure that it matches with the Google NAP for your business, this should be on the home page.

Use meta tags such as the description tag to match the description that you used on the NAP Details in Google My Business/Google map.

Include your Main Business Keyword and your location into the page title tag for the home page
ie. if you are a heating specialist your may want to be found for Boiler Repairs Birmingham, this includes the Main Business Keyword and your location.

Include Secondary Business Keyword and location into the page title tag for the Inner product pages    
ie. if you are a heating specialist your may want to be also found for Heating System Powerflushing Edgbaston, this includes the secondary Business Keyword and your location.

Include your town and region when writing your content , ( i.e. Looking for a BMW specialist in Birmingham?) in the pages text content, image file names and alternate text and H1-H4 meta tags.

Use your social media accounts by adding links or embedding feeds/tweets/posts into your website. This will help to engage with new customers and existing clients too. Google likes to see shares of posts and tweets and this enhances your ranking.

Include your full NAP, opening hours, a link to your Google Local Business map on your main contact us page.

Automated NAP

Below is an overview on the main NAP citation providers who can automate the process for you.

Or you can do it yourself - Submit your own NAP to online Web Directories. 

Online directories allow you to create a FREE business listing which can boost your NAP like the automated services above. These directoreis are usually categorised by niche and are suitable for all business types.

Author: S i Design

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